Renal replacement therapy

Hemodialysis (HD)
Hemodiafiltration (HDF)
Nephrologist’s consultations
Hemosorbtion (for renal replacement therapy patients only)
We also provide renal replacement procedures to tourists.

We speak Latvian, Russian, English, and German.

Payment procedure:
Renal replacement procedures for all Latvian inhabitants are covered by the National Health Service.
For tourists: we accept EVAK (EHIC) insurance, or EVAK replacing certificate.

Other fee-based services:
Hemodialysis 180.00 EUR per procedure
Hemodiafiltration 220.00 EUR per procedure
Payment procedure – bank transfer or in cash.

Other services

LLC Medicīnas sabiedrība Gaiļezers also provides functional magnetic stimulation (FM) therapy services. It is a professional device for the treatment of incontinence and other problems of the pelvis. The non-invasive and painless method also serves as rehabilitation of sports injuries and helps to stimulate the deep muscle groups.